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The Birth of Venus story is a gem! The mix of art and culture is spot-on, and the storytelling is so entertaining. Your art and culture series are a standout for me!


Transport Through the Timeless Realms of Art, Culture, and Mythology

Introducing Piri Guide’s Stories – a transformative storytelling experience with carefully curated journeys through art, culture, and mythology. Our stories provide a gateway into the essence of masterpieces, cultural landmarks, and ancient myths, offering a profound understanding that goes beyond the surface. Whether you’re an art enthusiast seeking to unravel the secrets behind renowned paintings, a cultural explorer yearning to virtually visit wonders of the world, or a mythology aficionado eager to dive into timeless tales, our stories caters to your curiosity.

From the iconic Last Supper to the ethereal Mona Lisa and the modern marvels like the Starry Night and the Kiss – explore the strokes and stories behind the world’s greatest masterpieces. Visit Petra, walk the Great Wall of China, and stand in the Colosseum through our cultural stories, revealing the histories and wonders of these renowned landmarks. Dive into Greek mythology with a dedicated series on gods and goddesses – from Zeus’ ascension to Athena’s wisdom, and experience the timeless tales that shaped ancient civilizations.


Unveil the symphonic tales of grand minds like Beethoven and Bach, where each note resonates with the essence of musical genius.


Stories behind iconic masterpieces, from the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa to the profound statements made by Guernica.


Narratives of Greek gods and goddesses, such as thunderous reign of Zeus, the wisdom of Athena, and beauty of Aphrodite.


Stories that celebrate the human heritage, one episode at a time. Step into a world of captivating narratives that transcend borders.


Flavorful journey and explore the heart of each culture, savoring the unique tastes and culinary traditions that define nations.


Explore the stories behind the Seven Wonders of the World, including the mysterious Petra, and the monumental Great Wall of China.

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