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How Virtual Reality will transform the travel industry?

How Virtual Reality will transform the travel industry?

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Travel industry has been quick to adopt virtual reality technology.

Travelers are looking to purchase experiences, rather than products, and virtual reality is a natural fit for marketers to give them a taste of what they can expect.

But there is another angle:

Virtual Reality can save human heritage sites and contirbute to Eco-tourism!

Tourism certainly impacts many things such as the reefs, forests, ancient sites, mountain tracks.

There is a certain carrying capacity of nature and ancient artifacts.


Tourism should respect the carrying capacity of human heritage sites, and yet it must provide an opportunity for every individual to visit such sites.

Human heritage sites of the world, both historical and natural, belong to the people of the world. Each one of us has a right to share and a duty to contribute to such treasuries of the world.

We must preserve such sites in the most pristine conditions for future generations as our legacy!

Feeling such a responsibility, we should present virtual experience for each individual either at home or on site.

Here’s an example!

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Ephesus Ancient City
İzmir, Turkey

If you are interested in this meaningful project, we are looking for strategic partners and collaboration opportunities. Please contact us! 👉🏻[email protected]

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