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Saffet Emre Tonguç Turkey’s most traveling tour guide!
Ali Canip Olgunlu Famous turkologist known as the Anatolian Sage
Vedat Milor The world famous Turkish food and wine critic
Guido Lion President of the Associazione Guide Turistiche di Venezia
Luisa Albizzati Proffessor of art and writer for NetGeo and Vogue magazines with an experience of over 20 years
Ruth Polling London Blue Badge Guide of the Year
Markus Müller-Tenckhoff President of Berlin Guide Association and a Passionate Tour Guide For Over 30 Years
Giulia Peccianti Proffessional Roman Archeologist and international tour guide
Pat Liddy An artist, historian, writer, illustrator, broadcaster, mapmaker and environmental lobbyist
Julia Kravianszky Photo editor of Hungary’s most popular food magazine and a passionate tour guide since high school
Stanislav Voleman President of Czech Tourist Guide Association with an experience of over twenty years
Serdar Çelenk Professional Tour Guide and Gastronomy Expert
Seçkin Demirok Tour Guide and Music Enthusiast. Toplumsal Tarih Magazine Columnist and Historical Researcher
Ayşegül Elif Sofuoğlu Tourist Guide and Historic Story Teller
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