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What is Piri?

Piri is a travel tech startup and allows the travelers to discover the world freely with the digital audio tours.

The cities that we travel to or live in contain many unknown stories within their buildings, streets or squares. Most of us walk by these treasures without even realising it, or take a quick Instagram picture and move on. Nevertheless, we believe that loving begins with getting to know, and getting to know starts with listening to stories. The buildings, streets and squares of the city are revived through their historical, cultural stories; they tell all kinds of things to those that listen.

We have developed Piri application with these travelers that enjoy discovering on our minds. Currently, we have more than 80 tours including some of the most visited European cities; United Kingdom, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Florence, Milan, Dublin, Prague, Budapest and Turkish cities; Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Konya, Galippoli, Gaziantep, Bursa with new tours being added every week. We have the privilege to work with some of the best guides of Turkey and Europe; Saffet Emre Tonguç, Vedat Milor, Ruth Poling, Guido Lion, Markus Müller, Pat Liddy…

In order to start exploring the city, download Piri on Appstore or Google Play, free of charge. You can purchase the tour you want to experience through the application and after downloading it via Wi-Fi or mobile data, it is possible to listen to it offline. All that is left after that is to arrive to the starting location of the tour which is shown on the map of the application. Piri will detect your location using GPS and start the story of your current location automatically. During the tour, you can ensure you are on the right direction by following the route on the map screen. If you want to take a break or do some shopping, you can check out the recommended list of stores.

Tülin Yücel CEO & Co-Founder
Melike Ceren İnan Head of Product
Arif Kolukırık Head of Content
Gaye Güngör Creative Content Developer
Ahmet Harmancı Creative Content Developer
Batuhan DemirtaşMarketing Manager
Ercan Ayyıldız Head of Engineering
Umur KayaAndroid Developer
Burak Demirel Software Developer
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