Piri is an audio walking tour application that allows the traveller to discover the world freely with the best guides.

The cities that we travel to or live in contain many unknown stories within their buildings, streets or squares. Most of us walk by these treasures without even realising it, or take a quick Instagram picture and move on. Nevertheless, we believe that loving begins with getting to know, and getting to know starts with listening to stories. The buildings, streets and squares of the city are revived through their stories; they tell all kinds of things to those that listen.

In order to start exploring the city, download Piri on Appstore or Google Play, free of charge. You can purchase the tour you want to experience through the application and after downloading it via Wi-Fi or mobile data, it is possible to listen to it offline. All that is left after that is to arrive to the starting location of the tour which is shown on the map of the application. Piri will detect your location using GPS and start the story of your current location automatically. During the tour, you can ensure you are are on the right direction by checking the compass on the application screen, or following the route on the map screen. If you want to take a break or do some shopping, you can check out the recommended list of stores.


Piri is one of the start-ups YGA graduates have founded.

YGA -Young Guru Academy- is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in Turkey in 2000. It aims to cultivate double winged youth – meaning both socially conscious and competent. Considerate of the problems of society they live in, YGA students develop international projects that would offer solutions. They become role models not just for the innovations but also for the culture of succeeding together in which innovations come to life.

We volunteered at YGA’s social innovation projects which aim to make a better future for Syrian refugees, visually impaired and disadvantaged kids while studiying at university. After graduation, some of us started to work in a corporate and some of us found their own start-up ans some continue to their career at YGA.

We believe, exploring the stories of places with a good guide makes us love that city and unites our past and future. Piri is established from this idea in order to make it accessible for everyone and ease travelers’ lives with latest technology.

Tülin Yücel CEO & Co-Founder
Çağlar İşçioğlu Co-Founder
Melike Ceren İnan Head of Product
Arif Kolukırık Head of Production
Gaye Güngör Editör
Ahmet Harmancı Editör
Batuhan DemirtaşHead of Marketing
Ercan Ayyıldız Head of Engineer
Umur KayaAndroid Developer
Burak Demirel Backend Developer