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What is Piri?

Piri is an audio walking tour app that allows you to explore the city as you listen to its stories from the best guides.
The Best Guides Listen to the stories of the cities from those that know the best.
Saffet Emre TONGUÇ The most traveling guide of Turkey!
Location Based Guidance Easily follow the route with voice instructions and map directions.
A Unique Sounding
İmmerse yourself into the stories with suiting audio effects and authentic music.


1.Seç 1. Choose Download Piri Application and then decide which tour you want to experience.
2.Yükle 2.Download Buy the tour of your choice. You can download it via Wi-Fi and use it offline later on.
3.Keşfet 3.Explore Arrive to the starting location and begin discovering the stories of the city with the guidance of location based technology.


Browse the tours Piri has prepared for you! Maximum ile Ücretsiz!

Used as a port for centuries, Karaköy offers the riches of its streets to those that know where to look.


Hagia Sophia, with its centuries old beauty; and the Sultanahmet Mosque, with its elegant dome that dazzle the mind.


The most mysterious, sublime and lively district of the city hides magical stories in its enigmatic streets.


Cihangir, the home to all kinds of cats, the warden of Istanbul?s most precious memories and landscapes.


What is Piri?