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3 Tips for Traveling Responsibly

3 Tips for Traveling Responsibly

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We believe travelers and organizations that partake in tourism practices bear many responsibilities both towards the communities they are involved with and the historical artifacts they exemplify. In this blog you can find 3 core values that enable traveling responsibly, tips on how you practice them during your travels, and how we, Piri Guide, act upon them in our practices.

1. Respect Carrying Capacity

Carrying Capacity is the maximum number of species a specific environment can sustain at the same time, without causing degradation or destruction of the environment. Both natural environments and historical artifacts have carrying capacities. 

When traveling choose to visit tourism hotspots in less busy hours and days. 

At Piri Guide, we believe that tourism practices must respect carrying capacity while being inclusive. We enrich travel experience for each individual to help respect carrying capacity. You can listen to audio tours on your own time both while  traveling or resting at the comfort of your home

2. Support Local Businesses 

Small businesses have a crucial role in sustainable tourism practices.

“These are establishments that are often the character of a neighborhood, a community. The relationships created between customers and those that work in independent business frequently go beyond just purchases — it becomes familial.” – Rembert Browne (Culture Critic at Large – New York Magazine).

The choices each individual makes when traveling matters- in fact these decide whether small businesses will flourish or not. 

When traveling choose to shop in local stores and eat in local restaurants.

At Piri Guide we work with locals to make small business recommendations to you.

3. Add Value & Preserve

“Through interpretation, understanding; through understanding, appreciation; through appreciation, protection.”- Freeman Tilden

We believe that what each individual value matters and that caring about a historical artifact is the first step in helping its preservation for future generations. 

When traveling choose to learn more about the history of the you’re visiting and support organizations that do preservation. 

As Piri Guide team we aim to add value to cultural heritages through education and help reinforce their preservation in the most pristine conditions for future generations.


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